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Two of the top wealth managers in the US say they have found the perfect way to blend US and international investments, according to Business Insider. Investors have long struggled over the question of if US stocks can continue to outperform international markets and how heavily they should be invested in each market.

Peter Mallouk of Creative Planning and Rebecca Rothstein of RVR Group say they’ve found a good combination for investing in both US and international stocks. These two are some of the best wealth managers in the nation and they still consider diversification vital even though they have concerns about non-US stocks.

Creative Planning President and CIO Peter Mallouk told Business Insider in an exclusive interview, "We hold a very large position in US large-cap stocks. We do invest globally, but account for the fact that a large cap US portfolio is already global in nature."

Mallouk’s firm manages more than $40 billion and fellow wealth manager Rothstein’s firm manages $3 billion in assets for the ultra-rich.

Mallouk and Rothstein both agree that they get a lot of exposure to international investments by investing in multi-national US companies, but that diversifying into international markets is important as well.

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