On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the “Dreamers” legislation and urged lawmakers to pass it.

The Dreamers bill would help immigrants attain citizenship in the US.

“Dreamers have been on the frontlines of fighting the pandemic as healthcare workers, of caring for our communities, and of working in the disciplines and industries that will help America emerge stronger on the other side of COVID-19,” Cook wrote at the Business Roundtable.

The business roundtable is a group of corporate leaders where Cook serves as the group’s immigration committee chair. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised the legislation one day earlier.

The Business Roundtable also called for additional reform beyond the Dream and Promise Act. The additional legislation would help fix the “broken immigration system.”

Dreamers are referred to as undocumented immigrants that traveled to the US as children. The Dream and Promise Act would help around 2.5 million of these individuals become citizens. Democrats are expected to propose the legislation in the near future.

“We do so here to stress that not only does Apple care as a company, but we care as leaders, colleagues, and human beings,” Cook said in the past. “This is an issue we feel to our core.”

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