TikTok App Under Investigation Over National Security Concerns

Andrew Wagner

TikTok is being reviewed by a federal panel investigating whether it poses a threat to national security

TikTok, a popular app amongst teenagers that has short videos, is being investigated by a federal panel investigating whether the app poses a threat to the national security of the United States, according to The New York Times.

TikTok was purchased by a Chinese company called Bytendance about two years ago. There is a concern that Bytendance might remove content that is not in accordance with the Communist Party that is in power in China. TikTok has denied censoring political content and has videos of protestors in Hong Kong.

Zhang Yiming, the company's founder, has stated that he runs a technology company and not a media company, which is strikingly similar to a statement made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. The issue with this statement is that Facebook has been proven to have influenced events around the world.

TikTok has nearly $1.5 billion downloads globally and over 122 million in the United States. Senator Chuck Schumer was alarmed by this data and stated that TikTok is “a potential target of foreign influence campaigns like those carried out during the 2016 election on U.S.-based social media platforms.”

TikTok is being investigated by a federal panel over concerns of national security regarding interference in U.S. events.

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