Three Books That Helped Deliver 62% Returns In The Past 18 Months

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A hedge fund manager shares the 3 books that helped him guide his fund to 62 percent returns over the past 18 months.

Connor Haley is the founder and managing partner at Alta Fox Capital and shared the three books that helped him develop his investment philosophy and attain a 62.4 percent return on his fund since April 2018, according to Business Insider.

Haley purchased his first stock when he was a freshman in high school, without any prior investment knowledge. After his first stock purchase, he wanted to develop his own investment philosophy and today shares the three books that helped him do so.

The first book that Haley read was The Motley Fool Investment Guide. "It's catered more towards beginners, but that was one of the first books I read, and it was really helpful in sparking and fueling my interest in learning more," he said. "It sort of got me down the right path — from my perspective — of fundamental investing with sort of a longer-term approach and a focus on businesses versus stock prices." The main lesson is that an investor should focus on the underlying business along with the stock price.

The second book that Haley read was One Up on Wall Street. "His books are pretty easy to read and filled with a lot of wisdom," Haley said. "And I wanted to accelerate my learning as fast as possible." The main lesson is that you should only buy a company if you understand it.

The third and last book that Haley attributes to his winning investment philosophy is You Can be a Stock Market Genius. "I basically try to read everything that Joel Greenblatt has ever written," he said. "He's probably my favorite investor." This book provides guidance on spotting opportunities and rules for making investment decisions.

Connor Haley is a hedge fund manager whose fund has returned 62.4 percent since April 2018 and he shared the 3 books that helped him develop his winning investment philosophy.

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