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Supermarkets have taken a serious and effective approach to grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, and a Grocery Dive report announced Whole Foods as the safest store currently, according to BRG.

Data showed that 98 percent of Whole Foods staff wore masks, and that 91 percent followed 6-foot restrictions. The chain also was found to have 95 percent of checkout lanes equipped with plexiglass barriers. In addition, Whole Foods provides customers with masks, utilizes temperature checks, and store occupancy limitations.

Besides Whole Foods, Target has also exercised extreme caution in reopening stores. Taking measures such as employees wearing masks, social distancing regulations, plexiglass guarded registers, and wireless payment support, Target has proven to be a safer shopping destination.

Global market research firm Ispos analyzed grocery stores, and with that data, Grocery Dive announced a second-ranked Costco, as well as a third-place Trader Joes.

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