This CEO Predicts that COVID Vaccine Mandates Will Not be Enforced by Companies


Dan Glaser, CEO of Marsh & McLennan Companies, believes that COVID vaccine mandates won't be popular among employers.

Dan Glaser, CEO of Marsh & McLennan Companies, believes that coronavirus vaccine mandates will not be popular among employers, according to CNBC.

“Don’t get me wrong: CEOs want their employees vaccinated, but I think that mandates are going to be very rare,” he said. Marsh & McLennan is a New York consulting firm and insurance broker.

The firm has been advising clients to “strongly encourage” getting the COVID-19 vaccine. “We all want to return to a more normal way of life ... and vaccines are really required for that,” he said.

Last week, the US started rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents were the first ones eligible. Glaser did note that there is still a significant amount of time before vaccines are available for the general public.

“Generally, any mandate should actually be government action as opposed to individual companies,” he added. “If we leave it up to companies, there will be tremendous variability, and that defeats the whole purpose of wide, wide vaccinations.”

Earlier this week, Chipotle Mexican Grill CEO Brian Niccol said that the company did not intend to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for its employees. Facebook, Ford, and General Motors have also stated that they don’t have plans to issue vaccine mandates.

However, Yale University’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute ran a poll revealing that 70 percent of CEOs believe vaccines should be required for workers. Since the vaccine has only received emergency authorization approval from the US Food and Drug Administration it would be hard to issue a mandate.

“I’m just telling you the reality that I do not believe, from the companies we are talking to, that there is an appetite for mandates for vaccinations,” he said.

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