Analysts believe that Microsoft and will be the next two companies to surpass $2 trillion in market cap, according to

Microsoft is already up 12 this year and is listed as the second-most valuable company in the S&P 500 at around 1.88 trillion.

Amazon is not far behind Microsoft. Analysts believe Amazon shares will rise 25 percent in the next 12 months to 4,043.50 a share. This would make Amazon's market capitalization $2.04 trillion in less than a year. However, Amazon shares have underperformed the market thus far falling 1 percent to the S&P 500's 8 percent rise.

Apple was the first company to reach the $2 trillion mark on August 26, 2020. Apple had only previously passed the 1 trillion mark on August 3, 2018. Apple's ability to massively rise in 2 years shows potential for other large companies.

The next companies to hit $2 trillion could leave investors surprised, but data show Amazon and Microsoft as the likely bets.

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