These 10 Companies Will Benefit the Most From the Fed's Debt Purchase Program


These 10 companies will benefit the most from the Federal Reserve's emergency bond-buying program.

The Federal Reserve's emergency bond purchase program will help these ten companies the most, according to Markets Insider.

The emergency bond-buying program will benefit tech giants, automakers, and communications firms the most. In late March, the Fed announced that it had plans to begin purchasing corporate debt to boost market liquidity and help firms stay afloat through the coronavirus pandemic.

On May 12, the Second Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF) stated purchasing corporate-debt exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The program expanded in mid-June to individual bond purchases.

The Fed wants to monitor the corporate debt market and has plans to form an index of bonds through its SMCCF purchases. The Fed plans to buy bonds from almost 800 different companies, but the top 10 beneficiaries account for 15 percent of all purchases.

The top 10 beneficiaries of the planned buying are listed below, according to the Fed's published Broad Market Index.

  1. (tie) Volkswagen

  2. (tie) Toyota

  3. Daimler

  4. AT&T

  5. (tie) Apple

  6. (tie) Verizon

  7. General Electric

  8. Ford

  9. Comcast

  10. BMW

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