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The richest man in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing, has lost $3 billion since the start of the Hong Kong riots and now adds his voice to other wealthy residents to end the protests, according to Business Insider.

The protests started 10 weeks ago over a very unpopular extradition law by the Hong Kong government. Hong Kong’s wealthy have lost nearly $15 billion since July. Ka-shing took out advertisements in local newspapers to say that the violence and anger should stop.

Billionaire real-estate developer Peter Woo was one of the first to speak out against the protests and the negative effects they were having on Hong Kong’s productivity. Woo has lost $1 billion since the protests began. The riots started out as peaceful protests to a law that would allow China to extradite fugitives from the city.

The protestors occupied city areas for several days, but were then confronted by police with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. Mentions of Li’s statements of peace were blocked on social media in mainland China.

Peter Woo wrote, "It's time to think deeply. Going against the extradition bill was the 'big tree' of this movement. This one and only big appeal has already been accepted by the government, so this tree has fallen.”

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