Here are 10 events that traders are focusing on this week, according to Business Insider.

  1. Hedge funds are shorting the dollar amid uncertainty that it will remain the world's number one currency. This is the first time hedge funds have been bearish on the dollar since May 2018.
  2. Saudi Arabia's $300 billion wealth fund dumped positions in Facebook, Disney, and Boeing to reallocate its capital into ETFs.
  3. Investor Jim Rogers stated that "we are going to pay the price" as the Fed continues to print money and take on debt. Furthermore, he believes the next market decline will be the "worst in my lifetime."
  4. RBC believes these 47 stocks are set to surge if Joe Biden wins the 2020 election.
  5. David Bahnsen, a Wall Street investment chief, believes the big tech rally is coming to an end and could drag the overall market down.
  6. Chinese company beat quarterly revenue expectations.
  7. Japan's economic fallout has eliminated all Abe era gains.
  8. Global stocks are mostly up.
  9. Geely and Curaleef are set to report second-quarter earnings.
  10. US 3-month and 6-month bill auctions are due.

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