The Main Things to Watch in the Markets Today


Here are the 8 events traders are focusing on today.

Here are the 8 events traders are focusing on today, according to Business Insider.

  1. Global stocks have been mixed after the S&P 500 reached an all-time high yesterday.

  2. Warren Buffett's $113 billion position in Apple and $147 billion position in cash now account for more than half of Berkshire Hathaway's market value.

  3. The world's largest shipping company, Maersk, reported a 25 percent jump in profits.

  4. Trump supports TikTok being acquired by Oracle, whose chairman is a supporter of his presidency.

  5. OPEC+ is meeting to discuss compliance with oil cuts.

  6. NVIDIA and Xiaomi are reporting earnings.

  7. The Fed Open Market Committee will release its July minutes.

  8. EIA Crude Oil Stocks Change is due.

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I find that American and Canadian elected heads of state are mostly symbolic leaders, second to the greatest power-entrenched big money interests.
It may be reflective of why those powerful interests generally resist proportional representation electoral systems of governance, the latter which tends to dilute the lobbyist influence of the former.

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