Here are the 8 events traders are focusing on today.

Here are the 8 events traders are focusing on today, according to Business Insider.

  1. Global stocks surged after Trump signaled that a coronavirus vaccine could be here before the election.

  2. Short sellers against US stocks are at their lowest activity level in history.

  3. Berkshire Hathaway has made $87 billion on Apple.

  4. President Trump will be officially nominated for reelection this week.

  5. A quant market expert believes the COVID-19 crash was only a glimpse into future volatility.

  6. Peter Cecchini, the CEO, and founder of AlphaOmega Advisors believes the Fed has inflated equities prices that will crash soon.

  7. Global stocks are mostly up.

  8. Palo Alto Networks and the Hong Kong and China Gas Company are reporting earnings.

  9. The 3-month and 6-month bill auctions are due.

  10. The Chicago Fed's national activity index is due.

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