Tesla Aims To Build Berlin Auto Factory In Record Time


Tesla hopes to build an auto factory in Berlin after experiencing success in China.

Elon Musk is working to complete the construction of the factory and begin auto production in about a year. Within the auto industry, such a timeline is extremely ambitious and is typically noted with disbelief. However, Musk has achieved that feat in China, breaking ground and producing cars within one year.

There are particular challenges that Elon Musk must overcome before starting construction on the site outside of Berlin. First, unexploded bombs from World War 2 must be removed and colonies of bats must also be moved.

Tesla has worked around red tape to achieve its production goals before. Tesla is the first foreign automaker in China to establish a factory in the country without a Chinese partner company. The auto factories are all aimed at reaching the million vehicles a year production goal. Production rates have increased, with Tesla producing 360,000 vehicles in 2019.

The auto factory in Berlin will initially produce 150,000 cars a year. Eventually, the auto factory will be able to produce 500,000 vehicles a year.

The construction and eventual factory is also an employment boon for the city. Initially, close to 4,000 employees will be hired.

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