TerraCycle CEO to Create Zero-waste Lifestyle


TerraCycle and CEO Tom Szaky are soving the worlds garbage problems.

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky has operated the firm developing worm poop fertilizer since 2002, according to EatingWell.

Szaky faced doubt when he started. “They expected a male college student to start a dot-com. Garbage and waste management wasn’t nearly as sexy,” said Szaky.

Beyond worm poop, TerraCycle has been solving the toughest recycling challenges. The firm has recycled 310 million pounds of plastic waste from the ocean. It transformed that waste into shampoo bottles to make a profit.

Szaky also wanted to create a way to eradicate the waste in the first place. “Recycling is really important, but it’s not the answer to garbage. It’s an answer to the symptom,” said Szaky.

Szaky launched Loop, a “circular shopping platform” last year. It provides reusable metal and glass packages to consumer brands. Customers will return the finished product to Loop, and the company will clean, sterilize, and refill it to be resold.

Loop has contracted with 55 brands and some retailers, including Kroger supermarkets.

“People want to change, but there aren’t solutions out there for them,” said Szaky. “You have to meet people where they are.”

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