Personal finance expert Suze Orman recently shared her thoughts and insights on the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

“I love bitcoin,” Orman said in an interview today. “I like the universality of it. I like that it’s there and the corporations that are investing in it.” However, she wanted to affirm her view that she does not view it as an alternative to fiat currency. “I do not like bitcoin as a currency. I don’t like it where you’re going to buy a Tesla or something with it. I like it as a possible replacement for gold, as an investment.”

Orman isn't the only one to express this view. Recently, billionaire investor Mark Cuban gave his opinion on the world's largest cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin is not going to be a currency,” he said on Feb. 9. “It’s a crypto-asset. It’s not going to be a hedge against fiat and printing too many dollars.” He sees it as a better store of value than gold and its value as an asset, not a currency.

On Orman's podcast "Women & Money," she revealed that she is invested in Bitcoin through a software company called MicroStrategy. “In June of last year, I bought MicroStrategy at about $125 a share, right around there, I believe,” she said. “I rode it all the way up and I sold that, I think it was last week, at right about $1,000 a share, because bitcoin was going up but MicroStrategy [stock] was going down.”

She did issue a warning regarding cryptocurrency saying: ”[B]itcoin is seriously risky. I would not be investing in bitcoin with money that I could not afford to lose.” She recommends investing $100 a month in Bitcoin.

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