Super Computer Uses Artificial Intelligence To Beat 5 Poker World Champions


Pluribus, uses AI to calculate the moves that would beat 5 poker champions at Texas Hold 'em.

Researchers at Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University have built a computer that can defeat world champion poker players using artificial intelligence.

The bot, called Pluribus, was able to beat 5 poker champions at once in a round of Texas Hold ‘em. This a major improvement from another super computer named Libratus, which was able to beat only one human in a two-player game.

Pluribus uses 128 gigabytes of memory and runs on two chips. Libratus, on the other hand, used 100 chips when playing in a two-player game. Pluribus utilizes artificial intelligence to calculate moves against five clones of itself.

“People have this notion that [bluffing] is a very human ability—that it’s about looking into the other person’s eyes. It’s really about math, and this is what’s going on here. We can create an AI algorithm that can bluff better than any human,” said Dr. Noam Brown, a Facebook AI Research Scientist and one of Pluribus’ creators.

Some argue that computers are better at bluffing because they do not face the same corporeal constraints that a human does.

“A good AI has a ridiculously unfair advantage against humans: They don’t get tired. They don’t get hungry. They don’t deal with emotions,” said Michael “Gags” Gagliano, a professional poker player with 11 years of experience who also lost to Pluribus.

As AI becomes more advanced, computers will continue to perform tasks beyond the mastery level of humans.

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