Startup Company Sentry Specifically Changed Software To Repel Amazon


The CEO of developer startup Sentry specifically changed its software license to repel Amazon Web Services.

Sentry co-founder and CEO David Cramer recently stated that earlier this month, the company changed its software license to Business Source License (BSL) to prevent Amazon Web Services from using its code, according to Business Insider.

The software that Sentry modified its software license for was originally created as an open-source product and is an error monitoring software. There was skepticism over why Cramer made his software open-source.

He commented on the matter by saying, "People don't fear [the business model] nearly as much just because there's been a lot more innovation in open source." Cramer's concern is that Amazon Web Services will take its product and turn it into paid services.

"Our biggest issue is we had to file various complaints against startups throughout the years, taking our code and incorrectly licensing it," Cramer said. "It feels like it's a moral thing, almost stealing. They didn't contribute at all to it and think you should be able to commercialize it. It didn't sit well with us."

Sentry CEO David Cramer stated that his startup company Sentry recently changed its software license to prevent Amazon Web Services from turning it into a paid service.

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