Some Lehigh Valley Residents Credit Trump For Economic Boom


The Lehigh Valley is experiencing an economic renaissance putting the region in favor of President Trump.

Towns and cities in the Lehigh Valley, a region in eastern Pennsylvania, used to have an economy that was reliant on steel manufacturing. However, former steel manufacturing facilities are being refurbished to accommodate new companies with new jobs for the region.

For example, a former steel factory is now producing the swabs used for home H.I.V. test kits.

However, even though this economic revival has been a decade in the making, some residents are seeing Trump as the main reason for the steady flow of new jobs. This might translate to support in the polls.

“The economy is 100 times better,” Mr. Polczer, a resident of the Lehigh Valley, said, “and it has a lot to do with President Trump.”

Jobs have also been brought by companies that are trying to expand their shipping capacities. Those entities include, Amazon, FedEx and UPS. The Lehigh Valley is particularly lucrative because one third of American consumers are within a 8-hour drive of the region. Such close proximity allows Amazon to expand its 2-day shipping capacities.

The economic boom did not just happen overnight and without planning. Instead, local legislators have offered substantial tax credits aimed at attracting companies to the different counties that make up the Lehigh Valley.

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