Slack and Amazon partner to take on Microsoft Teams and Zoom


New multi-year agreement says Amazon to use Slack for all its AWS employees.

The stay-at-home measures in response to the novel coronavirus have led to an unprecedented surge in teleconferencing applications. Various platforms compete to take part in the service market. Microsoft Teams and Zoom have seen monumental growth in user bases in recent months. Slack partners with Amazon to augment its utilization in the enterprise workspace.

The multi-year agreement states that Amazon will adopt Slack for in-house communication for its AWS teams and will provide additional services to Slack. After rolling out the communication platform to its employees, Amazon may surpass IBM as Slack’s biggest customer.

Amazon is Slack’s preferred cloud service provider, and the teleconferencing platform will now gain capacities from the tech giant’s storage, computation, database, security, analytics, and machine learning. Slack will use Amazon Chime to power its voice, video, and screen-sharing features.

Amazon integrated its Key Management Service with Slack’s to gain regulated and security-conscious customers for distribution and control of cryptographic keys. The AWS Chatbot integration will allow for improved team collaboration, and Amazon AppFlow will provide secure bidirectional data transfers with AWS.

The back-end support from Amazon may allow Slack to compete with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to provide essential telecommunication services for the new normal.

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