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Share value increased by up to 12%, at $26.09 per share, as the theme park chain announced reopening plans at limited capacity, according to Business Insider. A range of measures will be implemented in order to ensure that staff and park-goers are socially distanced. Measures include online ticket reservations, mobile food ordering and temperature checks for employees.

"Frontier City, like all Six Flags parks, is an outdoor attraction that poses a significantly lower risk of exposure than indoor venues. Our guests are not confined to one space for lengthy periods," Mike Spanos, CEO and president of Six Flags, said. "Because our parks cover dozens or even hundreds of acres, we can easily manage guest throughput to achieve proper social distancing."

Six Flags plans on increasing the number of park-goers it allows onto the premises of its Frontier City location as the month progresses. Initial opening days will serve as a trial period to see if exposure can be mitigated while being open. Despite the jump in share value, stock is still down 43% compared to a year prior.

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