Life insurance is meant to provide financial protection for your family or other people who depend on you.

If you’re an adult, you’ve likely seen at least one letter in your mailbox from a company attempting to sell you a life insurance policy. Life insurance is meant to provide financial protection for your family or other people who depend on you should you pass unexpectedly. It’s commonly thought to be something designed for adults with young children, but these individuals aren’t the only ones who might need a policy. So, who should consider getting one?

Married Couples with Kids

Most people who have life insurance are married and have young children. While either parent (or both) can have a policy, men are more likely to have life insurance than women. The policy helps to cover the wages lost after the death of the parent, allowing the family to continue paying bills. The funds from the policy can also help to cover funeral and burial costs, which can be expensive.

Single Parents

It’s not just married working couples with kids who need life insurance. Single working parents should also have a policy. If you’re a single parent, you may be your kids’ sole source of financial support. In the event of your unexpected death, the funds from your policy can help to pay for the things that your child (or children) need, such as clothes, school supplies, and more. The funds can also be set aside for college tuition. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of participating life insurance policies versus term life insurance policies to determine which option is best for you.

Adults Who Care for Aging Parents

Aging is a fact of life. As people age, they may need help doing basic things like cooking, cleaning, bathing, and getting dressed. Even with the difficulties that come with aging, many adults decide to age at home.

If you are taking care of your aging parents, they depend on you. No matter if you’re taking care of them yourself or you’ve hired at-home care for them, you should consider a life insurance policy. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, a life insurance policy can help to protect your parents financially. The funds allow them to get the care that they need.

Single Adults without Kids

If you are single and don’t have any kids, you might think that you don’t need a life insurance policy. While this might be true in some cases, you should consider your situation carefully. Do you have any student loan debts? Do you carry credit card balances? How much debt do you have, and who will be responsible for paying it off in the event of your death?

If you have a significant amount of debt, a life insurance policy may be beneficial for the person in charge of paying off what you owe should you die unexpectedly. Even if you don’t have any debts, a policy could help cover your funeral and burial or cremation expenses. You might not have anyone depending on you, but a life insurance policy can provide financial help to cover any remaining expenses you might have.

Business Owners

As a business owner, you have more than a spouse and kids depending on you. Your employees depend on you, too. If you pass away unexpectedly, what happens to them? What happens to your business?

Your family might not be able to keep your business going. They might need to sell it. Having to do so quickly to get funds could force them to sell at a price lower than what your business is worth. At the same time, selling the business could impact the people who work there. Having a life insurance policy can help to protect your family and your business while everyone figures out what needs to be done.

Life insurance may not be a necessity for everyone, but it can be beneficial for many. If you have dependents or carry debts that would need to be paid, you may decide that a life insurance policy is worth the investment.


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