The crash practically took the roof off one side of the car. When questioned by the police the driver admitted that he did not have his eyes on the road because he was using cruise control, a feature that is suppose to use sensors to automatically correct itself and slowdown or speed up. It was extremely fortunate that the driver only had minor injuries and thus refused medical treatment.

The 44-year-old man from Baltimore, said he had his cruise control on "when he momentarily lost focus on the roadway."

"This crash could easily have been fatal, and easily have been prevented if the driver was paying attention," police Chief Raymond Hayducka said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began discussions with Tesla and said that "the agency has decided not to launch a Special Crash Investigation team to investigate the crash at this time." (There is currently 23 active investigations into Tesla crashes). Two notable crashes happened in Michigan within one week. One happened after a man driving a Tesla Model Y on Autopilot crashed into a Michigan State Police car.

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