The UK may be enforcing a second national lockdown for two weeks to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to CNBC.

Scientists in the region have been forecasting how quickly the virus could spread if no action is taken. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a survivor of COVID-19, is considering a lockdown as a "circuit-breaker."

“50,000 cases per day would be expected to lead ... to 200-plus deaths a day,” by mid-November, Patrick Vallance, the UK's chief scientific advisor said. This warning has been taken as a precursor for additional measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.

On Sunday, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that the region was at a "tipping point." He continued: “people have got more relaxed over the summer” but “now is the moment when everybody needs to get back” on the horse and commit to stopping the virus. The UK government recently stated that individuals violating self-isolation policies after testing positive for COVID would face a $12,960 fine.

European countries have also seen a recent rise in cases after they pulled-back major restrictions several months ago. Deutsche Bank analyst Jim Read recently said to “expect lots more restrictions over the days and weeks ahead, especially in Europe.”

“As we sweltered in a pretty hot late September weekend here in the U.K. (and across much of Europe) the fact that the virus is already spreading quite rapidly is a big worry. It doesn’t feel like fatalities are going to be as big as an issue as they were in the first wave but it really is hard to understand what the strategies of governments are at the moment,” they added.

“They pretty much all don’t want a further wide scale lockdown but they also don’t want the virus to spread. Its not going to be easy to solve for both and, as such, it’s going to be a pretty difficult few months ahead if September is seeing numbers as high as they are already.”

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