Sea Cows From Cedar Island Swam To Safety During Hurrican Dorian


Cedar Island lost most of its feral cow herd due to rising water levels from Hurrican Dorian.

Three cows from Cedar Island swam to a neighboring island during the onset of Hurricane Dorian.

The three cows made up a part of a 20 cow herd that used to roam Cedar Island. However, Hurricane Dorian raised water levels so high that wild horses and most of the cow herd on the island had died.

After the hurricane had calmed down, it was thought that most of the cows had died. However, a park staff member working at the Cape Lookout National Seashore found one of the cows from the herd roaming the shore.

Some say that if the water had pushed the cows in another direction they would have been swept out to open sea and would have drowned, instead of finding refuge in another island.

Currently, the future fate of these three cows are unknown. There is concern that these cows will be hunting targets if left on the island of refuge. Most likely, the cows will be sedated, put on a boat and returned to Cedar Island.

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