A whopping 15 percent of current retail investors started in 2020, based on the survey. Schwab has started calling these individuals "Generation Investors." Charles Schwab currently has 31.5 million retail clients and $6.9 trillion in assets.

“A big part of this growth is Generation Investor – the large number of people who are bound together not by their birth years but by when they got started in their investing journey - who are now on a path to ownership and reaching their financial goals,” said Jonathan Craig, Charles Schwab senior executive vice president and head of investor services.

The survey asked 1,000 Americans ages 21 to 75 if they invested in the stock market. 476 individuals responded yes with 15 percent saying they had just started in 2020. Retail trading as a whole broke records in 2020 amid unprecedented volatility and the global pandemic that shuttered global economies.

Interestingly enough, Schwab estimates that some of these new investors are part of older generations.

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