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The toolkit will help businesses collect and manage data in order to make key decisions when reopening while also protecting worker and customer safety during the pandemic. The company believes that the coronavirus pandemic can be categorized into three phases: crisis response, a recovery period and a new normal, according to Business Insider.

"Now every single leader I talk to, whether it's state governors or heads of businesses, they're all talking about this next phase, which is how do we reopen safely. And the last word is the hard part and something we're all navigating together," Brett Taylor, chief operating officer of Salesforce, said.

Businesses will be able to easily track employee health, send company-wide health notices and schedule employee interactions that are aimed at reducing office density. For example, elevator rides could be scheduled in order to ensure that all employees do not arrive at the office simultaneously and violate social distancing measures.

Salesforce has emphasized that this initiative is aimed at businesses that cannot operate remotely in the long term and will thus need to set precedents for safe businesses practices until a treatment and vaccine is developed.

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