Robertson's Tiger Management Spawned Hundreds of Hedge Funds


Julian Robertson has developed a strong investment network that has maintained his relevance in the hedge fund industry.

Robertson is known for starting Tiger Management. The hedge fund has been closed to outside investors since 2000. Individuals who have worked or invested with Tiger Management have started their own hedge funds, some of which have been seeded by Robertson.

175 new firms have resulted from Tiger management with 73 of those firms being created by individuals who worked at Tiger Management or had seed funding from Robertson. These 73 firms have been dubbed “tiger cubs.”

Currently, 42 of those “tiger cubs” are not active with the other 31 “tiger cubs” creating additional firms. The 31 active “tiger cubs” have created 90 more firms, which have been dubbed “grand cubs.”

A much smaller portion of “grand cubs” have maintained being active. Only 8 “grand cubs” have created more firms, while the remaining 82 are inactive. The active “grand cubs” have worked to create 12 more firms, dubbed “great-grand cubs.”

Robertson has his hand in nearly 200 different firms. Additionally a large number of these firms have closed down and become inactive.

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