Redefine Meat CEO Reveals Tech Behind New 3D-Printed Product “Alt-Steak”


“Alt-steak” will launch in high-end Israeli restaurants this year.

According to Business Insider, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit’s technology startup called Redefine Meat, which uses a 3D printing process to layer voxels, or pixels, into cuts of beef-like steak, received $6 million in funding from CPT Capital and will soon unveil its first product, “alt-steak.”

Ben-Shitrit began “wondering how he could apply technology to recreate the experience of eating meat using plant-based ingredients” after he switched over to a plant-based diet, Business Insider wrote.

His startup, Redefine Meat, prints “steak” that contains around 3 million voxels, or 3D pixels, and is designed by layering three different main components: muscle, fat, and moisture. Last September, Redefine Meat received $6 million from CPT Capital, the venture fund behind Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

This year, Redefine Meat will unveil “alt-steak,” a plant-based 3D-printed steak that will become available at certain high-end restaurants in Israel.

Plant-based meat sales “have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic after producers rushed to fill the gaps left by a fractured meat supply chain. Beyond Meat launched its grocery product in stores in China on July 4, while Impossible Foods partnered with Starbucks to launch a plant-based breakfast sandwich on June 23,” Business Insider reported. “In 2019, UBS predicted that the plant-based meat industry could be worth $85 billion by 2030.”

“People think that 3D printing meat is like a sci-fi idea, that maybe in 10 years would be in the market. And we’re already giving this to people in restaurants,” said Ben-Shitrit. “With an algorithm, we can make billions of different files automatically. To improve our product, to change the texture, the flavor, the color, we didn't need to change our mixes. We just designed hundreds of different models, printed hundreds of different models, and tested them.”

This year and during 2021, Redefine Meat plans to roll out its product in restaurants throughout Israel, Switzerland, and Germany.

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