Protest, Looting and General Disorder Follow Shut Down


Apple Closes Stores, the tragedy of George Floyd was the match that ignited the gasoline left from the pandemic.

The death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was captured on video and widely circulated. Floyd died after a police officer kneeled on his neck while arresting him in Minneapolis. The masses heard Floyd pleading for his life before losing consciousness: “Please, please, please, I can’t breathe. Don’t kill me.”

Floyd’s death spurred a series of peaceful protests, riots, and looting across the U.S. Viral media posts show looters breaking into and/or damaging Apple stores in various cities.

On Sunday, Apple stores in many locations began to close in response to the protests. The company’s employees began boarding its windows in several major cities. The Columbus Circle storefront in New York City now has a multi-layer fence around the entrance. Philadelphia’s downtown store shows online as indefinitely closed.

"With the health and safety of our teams in mind, we've made the decision to keep a number of our stores in the US closed on Sunday," said Apple representatives.

Many Apple store pages reflect unexpected closures. It remains to be seen how many Apple stores are closing, and how long they will stay shuttered.

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