Programs, Resources, and Assistance for Veterans

Kevin Gardner

An array of government agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of services and programs.

Along with the benefits offered, these services and programs will help you make the most of life after the military.

If you are interested in learning more about VA disability pay, a VA loan, and other available benefits, keep reading. Here you can find more information about these programs.

State-Based Veteran Programs

Along with the federal benefits programs that are available, states have benefits programs, too. The services and programs can range from veterans’ homes to license plants and employment benefits. It is a good idea to learn more about these to know what is available where you live.

VA Disability Compensation Programs

With VA disability compensation, you receive monthly benefits for veterans who have injuries, diseases, or disabilities that incurred or that were aggravated during their active military service. Any payment received from Veterans Affairs for disabilities is tax-free.

One available program is disability compensation. This is paid to veterans who have disabilities due to an injury or disease they incurred during their active military service. The amount will vary based on the degree of the veteran’s disability.

Another program is for dependence and indemnity compensation. This is paid to a surviving spouse, parent, or child of service members who passed away during active duty service or in training or who died because of service-connected disabilities.

Dependent parents, dependent children, and surviving spouses may also receive compensation as a type of recognition for the economic loss that was caused by a veteran’s death during their time in service or because of the veteran’s disability.

Other VA Services and Programs

Other services that you may be eligible for include Beneficiary Financial Counseling. This is professional financial advice that is entirely free. It is designed for beneficiaries.

Tuition assistance is also available. If you are still an active service member and the amount of your tuition is more than what is covered by the current Tuition Assistance program, you could qualify for additional help. The VA offers this program.

There is the availability of a career center, which provides veterans with the tools to translate their military skills into a real career in the private or the public sector, find jobs, identify their professional strengths, and create or post their resume.

Other Government Resources

There are other resources offered by the government, too. For example, you can seek support for jobs, substance abuse, health, mental health, and more from the Department of Health and Human Services. You can also take advantage of the Officer of Warrior Care Policy. The entire mission of this office, which is part of the Department of Defense is to provide proactive support for injured, ill, and wounded service members. At the same time, they recover, reintegrate, or transition into civilian life.

On the Department of Labor’s site, you can find a lot of help for any veterans who are seeking employment. This will help guide you into a position that suits your strengths and skills to ensure you will be able to succeed in your new role.

The federal government also offers a program that is called Feds Hire Vets. This is a site offering federal employment information for veterans, along with transitioning military service members. However, there are other options too. For example, USAJobs is an employment-related website ran by the federal government. It offers helpful links for veterans who are searching for a federal job.

Take Advantage of the Available Resources

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few government-sponsored resources available for veterans and military families who are searching for help. With these resources, it is possible to get the help you need and enjoy all the benefits that are offered. These will help ensure you can lead a successful, healthy, and happy life.


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