Principal At Hong Kong High School Predicts How Remote Learning Will Look In US


Dr. David Lovelin gives his perspective of what has worked in Hong Kong remote learning.

Dr. David Lovelin, principal of Hong Kong International School, a K-12 private school in Hong Kong, offered advice for American schools on remote education, as Hong Kong is ahead of the U.S. in the timeline of the pandemic outbreak, Business Insider reported.

As the Hong Kong government closed schools in early January, Lovelin predicts that his school at the current stage can be a reliable example for estimating what American education would look like in the next few months.

The high school principal emphasized the importance of social and emotional well-being of the students, for which the school introduced interactive challenges to foster a sense of community amid absence of physical union.

Despite the initial approach of giving students more flexibility, the school saw the importance of consistency in all online structures and resources. Hong Kong International School used the Schoology Learning Management System, a centralized digital hub for all instructions and resources. The attendance of the school currently remains around 90 percent, close to its typical numbers under normal circumstances.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the school used a combination of formative and summative assessments, where educators give students both assessments at the end of the semester and ongoing feedback during the school period. Analytics and data are used to track the progress of students.

Lovelin addressed the difficulty of adopting online teaching:

While I still am in close contact with my colleagues and have virtual touch points with students, I can't make assumptions about the "typical" way students react and feel throughout the school year. Ongoing parent and student surveys have been hugely valuable in understanding our students' needs.

This is a difficult time for educators across the globe. It's our hope that educators and administrators learn from our experiences.

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