Prime Minister Boris Johnson Attempts To Expedite Brexit By Calling For Election

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Andrew Wagner

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to push Brexit forward by calling for a general election on Dec. 12.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a general election on December 12 in the attempt to push his Brexit deal through, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Prime Minister needs support from opposition lawmakers for the ballot to occur. The government would allow more time for lawmakers to study and pass his Brexit deal if the general election is held on December 12. He believes that without this date, lawmakers will bicker over trivial details contained in the deal.

The Prime Minister is a member of the Conservative party, a minority in Britain's House of Commons. As a result, he needs support from the Labour Party, his main opposition. The government is bringing the motion for an election to Parliament on Monday. An election this year is unlikely due to the unrest regarding the opposing parties on the issue.

Boris Johnson has stated that the U.K. must leave the European Union by October 31st, but the government has requested another delay. “Prolonging this paralysis into 2020 would have dangerous consequences for businesses, jobs and for basic confidence in democratic institutions, already badly damaged by the behavior of parliament since the referendum,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote. “Parliament cannot continue to hold the country hostage.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for an election to force parliament to make a decision on Brexit. The Prime Minister blames Parliament for delaying the deal and stated that if the Labour party did not back him, “We would campaign day after day after day for the people of this country to be released from subjection to a Parliament that has outlived its usefulness.”

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