PayPal Exploring Using Google Cloud For Transactions


PayPal is exploring the idea of moving part of its business to Google’s public cloud.

PayPal is planning to move part of its business to Google’s public cloud as it prepares for the holiday season and attempts to cut costs, according to Business Insider.

Sri Shivananda, PayPal’s Chief Technology Officer, revealed her plan for 2020. Shivananda wants to shift a portion of its business to the cloud for the first time. The goal is to get 25 percent of PayPal’s traffic onto the public cloud by November 2020.

The project utilizes hundreds of engineers and will be processed through Google Cloud. PayPal typically receives its highest interaction during the holiday season and using the public cloud would allow PayPal to only pay for extra computing power when the company needs it.

"When you run something on-prem, you build capacity for the peak of the peak, and you are holding on to that capacity. You paid for it, and you continue to depreciate it every day," he said. "When you are in a public cloud, once that peak has passed, you can actually burst down and save that in terms of economics. Then when you need it again, you can burst back up."

Moving to the public cloud will allow PayPal to cut costs as it transitions to an on-demand server business model. Right now, the company is focusing on applications and services but in the future, the company might explore moving more business to the cloud.

PayPal is moving some of its business to the cloud in an attempt to cut costs.

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