Novartis Joins Microsoft In Bringing AI To Pharmaceutical Sector


Novartis is partnering with Microsoft to transition itself into a tech company.

Novartis is currently one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the sector. However, Bertrand Bodson is working to modernize the company by developing its technological capabilities. Bodson is pursuing this in a partnership with Microsoft that focuses on several projects. Such projects include launching an “AI innovation lab” and also developing a platform that makes data science more accessible.

Microsoft has recently been advocating the importance of “tech intensity.” More specifically, “tech intensity” seeks to arm companies with technological capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, that can then be used to solve industry-wide problems.

"When Satya became our CEO, he thought the future of transformation and evolution in tech intensity, and thought [the company] would need to get deeper, violate the horizontal nature of Microsoft and get a little more vertical, and think about how Microsoft evolves to go deep," said Peter Lee, a researcher at Microsoft.

Bodson hopes that arming Novartis’ data with Microsoft’s technology will also allow for innovative solutions to tough problems. One issue of focus will be improving the dosages of medications used to treat macular degeneration. Bodson hopes to also develop solutions that provide more comprehensive treatment plans for the same disease.

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