Nissan, Infiniti, and Subaru Recall Autos For Airbag Malfunctions


Nissan, Infiniti and Subaru have recalled a number of vehicles to have defective airbags replaced with permanent ones.

All three automakers had previously recalled the vehicles to replace defective airbags with temporary replacements. Now permanent replacements have been developed that will be swapped in, with the temporary airbags being removed.

Nissan and Infiniti are under the same parent company, Nissan North America. They are recalling combined, 307,962 vehicles. This was the same number of vehicles recalled when the original defection was discovered. Subaru is recalling 497,922 vehicles.

“Nissan Group is implementing the next phase of the Takata inflator recalls in accordance with the predetermined coordinated remedy schedule set by NHTSA,” a Nissan spokeswoman said.

All three automakers had issues related to Takata inflators. Inflators were at high risk of exploding if the propellant were consistently in high humidity or very high or low temperatures. These findings were presented by the National Highway Traffic Administration.

Airbag inflators will be permanently replaced by automakers at no cost to the car owner. The recall is set to be launched February 10th, 2020 for Nissan North America. Car owners can check to see if their car is included in the recall by searching their digital vehicle identification number in the NHTA’s website.

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