At only 25 years old, Kamara knows what it is like to live with the bare essentials. “I’ve always known the value of a dollar,” he said. He credits his mom for instilling this understanding in him.

“As a kid, I saw my mom work multiple jobs only to be able to afford the bare essentials,” he said. He has also heard the horror stories of professional athletes that go on massive spending sprees only to find themselves broke in the end.

When Kamara received his signing bonus when he was a rookie with the New Orleans Saints, he only got himself a chicken wing dinner. That signing bonus was worth nearly $1 million.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, this is more than I’ve ever had. My mom ain’t never had this much,’” Kamara said. “It would be a shame if I got this and lost it. I’m gonna keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing — [spending on] what I need and that’s it. I’m not about to go over the top, I’m not gonna live beyond my means.”

After four seasons in the NFL Kamara stated that he hasn't spent a dime of his contract money. Instead, he lives off of his income from endorsements. Kamara only works for companies that he sees potential in.

“I want to be a partner. I want it to be a real relationship to where it’s not just a one-off thing,” Kamara says. “All the brands that I work with I can call directly and talk to a CEO or somebody high up and have a regular conversation with them. It’s almost like a family. We’re working together, but we care for each other.”

Kamara also controls most of his money. “I keep it close like that because of the loaf of bread and peanut butter. I had to do it [before] and I’ll do it again if I have to,” he says. “But there’s no reason I should have to do that again.”

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