New Medical Start-up - Wheel - Raises $13.9 Million


Wheel, formerly Enyzme Health, raised $13.9 million to match doctors and nurses who want to work via telemedicine.

Wheel, an Austin-based startup, that was founded in 2018 works with companies that want to make sure the patients online have the right doctors for those visits. Wheel has raised $13.9 million from investors in a round led by CRV, with Tusk Ventures and Silverton Partners, which led the startup's seed round.

Previously the startup had operated under the name Enzyme Health to help connect doctors with direct-to-consumer companies looking to build their virtual medical networks.
Enzyme chose to get more engaged in owning the medical networks, managing a workforce that healthcare companies can turn to as needed. 

After being more of a matchmaking service that joined together doctors and nurses who wanted to do telemedicine. Now, Wheel manages a team of doctors that can be plugged into different services and trains them on what Davey calls "webside" manner. On Wheel's platform, doctors can move through different companies and types of visits patients are looking for. 

"We've really seen that the clinicians really like that because when you sit with one company doing one treatment area it's really monotonous," Davey said. "By allowing them to switch it out also enables them to engage more and have a variety of what they're seeing."

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