Nestle Forced to Change Plant-Based Burger Brand Name


A European court ruled that Nestlé's plant-based burger brand name infringed on Impossible Food's trademarks.

The District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands ruled that Nestlé must change the name of its Garden Gourment Incredible Burger in the European Union, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The brand name was too close to rival Incredible Food's trademarks and could confuse consumers, according to the ruling. Nestlé is appealing the decision but will comply for the time being by changing the brand name to sensational.

Nestlé is the largest global packaged-foods producer and has been working to gain traction in the surging plant-based foods market. “We are disappointed by this provisional ruling as it is our belief that anyone should be able to use descriptive terms such as ‘incredible’ that explain the qualities of a product,” a Nestlé spokesman said.

Nestlé’s Incredible Burger is made from soy and wheat protein. It was launched in April 2019 and is currently sold in 15 countries within the EU. The burger is also sold in Australia, and the company is unsure if they will be required to change the name of it there.

Impossible Foods doesn't currently sell plant-based products in Europe but has been working to get approval. Impossible Foods filed a lawsuit against Nestlé, claiming that the Swiss food-packager was attempting to block its entry into the European market by using a similar name.

The market for plant-based foods is becoming more saturated and competitive. Last year, plant-based meat sales in the US totaled over $1 billion, an increase of 14 percent from the year prior.

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