NASA Pays SpaceX $80 Million To Help Pursue Earth Science Mission


NASA and SpaceX are partnering to conduct an observational earth science mission.

SpaceX will be providing the spacecraft for the mission. The provided spacecraft, Falcon 9, has been flown before and will be launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It is expected that the launch will take place in December 2022. SpaceX will be compensated with $80 million for helping facilitate the earth science mission.

The mission should bring back a whole host of information that will provide more depth on the earth’s ecosystems but also help improve climate change models. Other points of interest include understanding the breadth of marine life and how they interact in a food web.

"SpaceX is honored to continue supporting NASA's critical scientific observational missions by launching PACE, which will help humanity better understand, protect, and preserve our planet," said Gwynne Shotwell, the SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer.

This is not the first mission that SpaceX has conducted with NASA. In 2018, the two organizations pursued a mission that sought to identify new planets.

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