Get to know some important women in the world of UK venture capital.

As London has become a hub for startups, some of the most exciting venture capital is based there, according to Business Insider. While venture capital remains dominated by males, women in investing roles in the UK’s 183 VC firms has increased by 2%. Here are 3 of some of the most exciting female VC’s in London.

Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp- Seedcamp is a key part of the European tech ecosystem. Seedcamp’s pan-European accelerator brought cohesion to startups all over the continent. Sohoni and her partner were early investors in TransferWise.

Eileen Burbidge, Passion Capital- Burbidge is the founder of Passion Capital and also serves as a fintech adviser to the British government. She had invested in finance startups like Monzo and GoCardless.

Luciana Lixandru, Accel- Lixandru was promoted to partner in Accel and is a senior star now. She lead investments in enterprise and consumer software which lead to investments in great companies like food delivery startup Deliveroo ad robotics company UiPath.

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