More States Are Legalizing Mobile Sports Betting

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As states begin to legalize mobile sports betting, the market is becoming more competitive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more states are legalizing mobile sports betting, causing states like New Jersey to rival Nevada’s sports betting market. However, limits in other states may hamper the industry’s growth.

Following 2018’s Supreme Court ruling allowing individual states to determine the legality of certain gambling practices, New Jersey legalized sports betting. Now, about 80% of all legal wagers on sports games in New Jersey are placed by online gamblers, surpassing Nevada for the first time in monthly sports bets.

Since the decision, other states have reluctantly forayed into sports gambling, allowing it only in limited locations such as casinos and racetracks. State lawmakers, though aware of the convenience of online gambling, are worried that such easy access may lead to an increase in problem gambling.

Gaming executives believe online and mobile betting is the future of the industry, and will cause exponential growth. However, concerns over accessibility may trump economic gain.

Twelve states currently allow some form of sports betting, with only five allowing online or mobile gambling. Measures to introduce this form of gambling at various stages in other stages are being considered.

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Considering the addictive nature of gambling, making it more accessible is a dangerous proposition when more and more people are struggling to make ends meet and they are presented an "easy" way to win money.


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