Minutes From Last Federal Reserve Meeting To Be Released


The Federal Reserve will release notes from its last meeting and shed light on the possibility of another rate cut.

The Federal Reserve will release the minutes of its September 17th-18th meeting on Wednesday.

The minutes themselves will help shed light as to whether one could expect another rate cut in October. If there is another rate cute, it will be the third recent rate cut. The notes from the last meeting should also highlight whether there are internal divisions regarding the decision to cut rates further.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that these notes document opinions and stances that are nearly three weeks old. Since then, different events have transpired, including a September employment report. However, the minutes could confirm that the U.S.-China trade war are damaging the economy and warranting another rate cut.

The last rate cut lowered the benchmark to between 1.75% and 2%. These minutes will be critical in helping investors understand what the mindset of the Fed is at the moment. Markets could be expecting another stimulus from a rate cut, but the released minutes will help ensure that expectations are informed.

If a future cut were to occur, it would be decided and announced at the October 29th-30th meeting.

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