Microsoft Suggested As Possible Buyer Of Bloomberg


Different stakeholders on Wall Street have suggested that Bloomberg would be a strategic acquisition for Microsoft.

The possibility of Bloomberg LP going up for sale was brought up once Michael Bloomberg entered the race for President of the United States. Bloomberg made clear that if he won, he would either sell the company or put it in a blind trust.

"But I think at my age, if selling it is possible, I would do that," Bloomberg said. "At some point, you're going to die anyway, so you want to do it before then."

Although a deal to sell Bloomberg has not been made, when different individuals working in Wall Street were interviewed, Microsoft was a buyer that commonly came up.

Microsoft has a strong cloud computing business that could be integrated into Bloomberg’s financial data platform. Microsoft currently lags behind Amazon as the leader in cloud computing services.

Acquiring Bloomberg would provide a dearth of information on the financial services sector, providing an edge over Amazon. More specifically, Microsoft would be in the best position to attract customers from the financial services industry.

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