Maine’s License Plate Business Irks Other States


According to Central Maine, the number of cars registered in Maine and owned by out-of-state residents has doubled in the past five years. In 2014, the number was 7,483. By this year, the number has risen to 16,589. The state has made $250,000 from these sales.

The cause of these statistics is that Maine has one of the least expensive vehicle registration fees in the country, only $35. More, it is among very few states that allow people who are not residents of the state to get plates.

Yet, other states are now losing money because of Maine’s policy. More, some residents of these other states are violating their state laws when they register their vehicles in Maine.

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says he occasionally hears complaints from other states, but he holds that it isn’t Maine’s issue. He said, “It’s not up to the state to choose people from out of state and keep them from giving us their money.”

Spokesman for the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, Paul Grimaldi, said Maine should do more to prevent this system, as they are basically motivating people to break their home state’s laws.

In Connecticut, the registration fee is $80. The state has the fourth-highest number of license plates from Maine. More, Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles won’t give registrations to any person who owes property taxes. Regulations like these are why people from all over the country flock to Maine.

Generally, the Maine license plates only become an issue when authorities attempt to send a parking ticket or toll violation, but the license plate is not registered locally.

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