LinkedIn Co-Founder Comments On Growth of Uber and Dropbox


LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman spoke about Uber and Dropbox on the podcast "Masters of Scale."

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman stated on an episode of the podcast "Masters of Scale," how Uber and Dropbox transition from startup to grown-up, according to Business Insider.

"Every startup needs to shed its pirate nature at some point, and evolve into something more akin to a navy – no less heroic, but more disciplined, with rules of engagement, lines of communication, and long-term strategy," Hoffman said. 

Hoffman stated that Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi needed to fix Uber after the sexual misconduct accusations and impossible growth investors expected. "I think to some extent the pugnacious nature of the company got it into trouble but also to some extent is responsible for the fact that it's a terrific company that I've got the pleasure of being able to run," Khosrowshahi said to Hoffman. 

Hoffman continued to talk about Dropbox and about their transition from a distributor of cloud storage to a company valued at $7.9 billion. "If you're not growing, and certainly in tech, you're usually dying," Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said. "At the same time, if you expand into all these unrelated areas, you can find yourself fighting a battle on many fronts and winning none of them."

Reid Hoffman spoke of Uber and Dropbox's strategies that helped them transition from small companies to billion-dollar corporations with a bright future.

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