Lifebrand Is One Of The Hottest New Start-ups In Philadelphia


Founder and CEO Thomas Colaiezzi brought his company exposure and $10,000 in a pitch competition with Mr. Wonderful.

LifeBrand recently competed with four other startups from across the country in a pitch competition and walked away with $10,000 and praise from Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful.

The other start ups were from iPill Dispenser, a solution for opioids public policy; GoSun, which produces consumer solar appliances; PillowSheets, a lifestyle bedding startup; and Farmbox Foods, which produces vertical hydroponic farms.

LifeBrand, which uses AI and machine learning technology to scrub the platforms of social media users for “harmful” posts. An individual can connect their social media platforms and run an audit on their own to see how many total potentially harmful posts they have shared over the years, or a company making a potential hire can do the same.

Founder and CEO Thomas Colaiezzi learned LifeBrand had made the final five just six days before he’d pitch the company “Shark Tank”-style on Sept. 25, he said.

“When we were first entering, just thinking about hearing [O’Leary] say our company’s name was going to be great, I thought, even if he’s bashing us,” Colaiezzi said. “But the fact that we then won, and that he had glowing things to say about us, that was great. You can go through a lot of low points as a startup, so this was a bright spot.”

O’Leary said he ultimately chose LifeBrand as the winner because Colaiezzi nailed three key things in explaining what the company does in 90 seconds, why he was the right person to execute the business plan and how they beat out competitors.

“Is it a solution to a huge problem? Yes,” O’Leary said. “I have that in all of my companies. Every day I’m doing a constant search of what’s blowing up on social, and when it’s blowing up on social, it’s never good news.”

“I think it really is a simple technology that people get right away,” he said. “I’m not trying to pitch something too hard, the tech speaks for itself, people just get it right away. It’s a simple problem and a simple solution.”

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