Late Thanksgiving Puts Extra Pressure On Delivery Companies During Holidays


Thanksgiving occurred on the fourth Thursday of November leaving limited time for companies to deliver more than two billion packages, according to The Wall Street Journal.

With Thanksgiving occurring on November 28, there were only 23 days until Hannukah and 26 days until Christmas. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies as they receive more orders and 6 fewer days than normal.

Online shopping is expected to hit new records this holiday season, and the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost a week short. Amazon is also at risk as it has shifted many of its deliveries to its own domestic logistics divisions.

“We think that the set up for the parcel carriers is as tricky as we’ve ever encountered,” said Citi transportation analyst Christian Wetherbee. “The risk someone gets coal in their stocking seems elevated.”

FedEx Corp., United Parcel Service Inc., and the U.S. Postal Service are the companies that will be in charge of delivering most of the packages.

Delivery companies are facing one week last than last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and a record amount of online orders.

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