Large Numbers Of CEOs Have Left Role In 2019


2019 has seen a large number of CEOs resign from major companies.

In the first three quarters of this current year, 1,160 CEOs stopped serving in their roles. The data comes from a firm called Challenger, Gray, & Christmas.

Additionally, this number is larger than the number of CEOs that stepped down in the same period of time during the 2008 economic recession. During the 2008 financial crash, in the span of 9 months, 1,132 CEOs had departed from their roles.

The tech industry has seen the second highest number of CEOs step down in 2019. These departures include that of Adam Neumann from WeWork. December has been a major month for CEO departures in the tech sector as well. Earlier this week, the cofounder of Google, Larry Page, announced that he would step down as CEO of Alphabet.

However, not all those that stepped down from their roles have left their company completely. Of those who departed in 2019, 438 remain at the company where they served as CEO, but now serve in different positions.

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