Julie Yoo Predicts Disruptive Year For Healthcare Delivery Sector


A partner at Andreessen Horowitz believes that in 2020 drug companies will start delivering healthcare services.

Julie Yoo recently joined Andreessen Horowitz as a general partner earlier this year. She focuses on the company’s biofunds. More specifically, Yoo is looking at different investment opportunities in companies that exist at the intersection of biology and technology. Andreessen Horowitz currently run two biofunds that jointly invest $650 million.

Yoo believes that drug treatments are becoming increasingly complex. As these treatments become more complicated, they start to focus on individuals at the cellular level and require expertise and instruments that might not be generally available at a hospital. Thus, drug companies start becoming the primary provider of the drug and all the necessary supplements needed to deliver a treatment.

Additionally, she believes that there will be increased transparency in the pricing of primary healthcare services. More Americans are becoming uninsured as a result, the extremely high healthcare costs are unsustainable. Some primary healthcare services might even be available at a cash price.

Health patient data privacy is also predicted to undergo a revamp. Especially since, artificial technology in healthcare delivery is being made more efficient by being exposed to patients’ health data.

"I do think that there will be proposed legislation around redefining the roles of HIPAA," Yoo said.

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