Andrew Wagner

JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon recently Took a shot at Elizabeth Warren.

JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon on Tuesday stated that Elizabeth Warren "uses some pretty harsh words -- some would say vilifies successful people," according to Markets Insider.

This statement from Dimon adds to the chorus of Wall Street executives taking shots at Senator Elizabeth Warren and her opinions on the wealthy.

"It's really simple: Jamie Dimon and his buddies are successful in part because of the opportunities, workforce, and public services that we all paid for," Warren said. "It's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed."

Elizabeth Warren proposed a wealth tax that has made wealthy individuals in the United States furious. Some wealthy individuals predict that if Warren takes office in 2020, the stock market will fall by 25 percent.

"A lot of wealthier people I know wouldn't mind paying more taxes," Dimon said on Tuesday. "But it's very important for my Democratic friends to also look at the following: They should justify how they spend money."

Elizabeth Warren has been targeted by Wall Street and Jamie Dimon's comments on Tuesday add to the chorus.

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